On the Airplane

Hey guys! A few weeks ago, I flew on an airplane from D. C. to Colorado! I love flying, and I’ve been flying since I was one – so I’ve been flying a lot XD! I took a few pictures out of the window. ย I think the clouds look so cool!



(you can see my reflection in this one ^ :-))



I love looking down at the ground; the cars look like ants! I was writing in my notebook the whole flight!!!



I took a few photos of the airport!



Have you flown before? Did you like the pictures?

Thanks for reading!

Screen Shot 2018-02-08 at 9.31.59 PM





13 thoughts on “On the Airplane”

  1. These are so pretty! I love the notebook one. Iโ€™ve never flown on a plane before since my family doesnโ€™t travel a whole lot, but it looks fun!

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  2. I loved the pictures! I went on an airplane twice in January, they are super fun!! Unless, of course, you and your family get separated on the way back?!? My favorites were the notebook one and the reflection one. ๐Ÿ™‚

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