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Today’s post will be full of pictures from Oltrarno, a residential neighborhood across the Arno river from the main part of Florence with palaces and cathedrals.  We took a walk around this neighborhood before visiting the Pitti Palace and Boboli gardens, where the important Medici family eventually lived.

Oltrarno is known for its artisans and quaint roads.

Some workers….


Fruit from a local market.



We got some strawberries and they were really yummy!

A side street.




Flowers in a window box.


A scooter.

DSC_7143 2.jpg

What do you think? Did you like this photo+caption post?

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Hi everyone! Today’s post is pictures of Pisa!

We left the Florence train station mid-morning.


Pisa, which is most known for it’s leaning tower, also has a large church and baptistry built in the Medival ages. Surprisingly, they do not look gothic, which was the traditional style of the time.  They have more of a Renaissance appearance.


This is the front of the baptistry.


This is the front of the church.



This is a view of the Church and Baptistry from the top of the leaning tower!


And now for the leaning tower! It really does lean!


The tower will not fall over because they have poured cement into the ground underneath!

Look at the amazing ice cream! 😉


Actually, a nice tourist gave me an ice cream cone which was perfect for a funny photo!  It was super hot so if I’d had any gelato it would have melted in seconds!


I did get to go up the leaning tower!!!!! My favorite part was climbing it because I had a weird sense of vertigo, as the stairs were somewhat leaning too! (you can’t really see it in this photo.


To reach the top level, I had to climb a small spiral staircase!  Because so many people use them they are slippery and quite hard to walk on.


Here is some cool architecture at the top.


The view was great! We were hoping we could see the sea from the top, but it was too far away.


On the top, I sat on the side that was leaning.  After a while, we climbed down and went back to Florence.

Do you like the photos? Which is your favorite? Have you been to Pisa too?

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Florence’s Duomo

Hi everyone!

So today I’m posting pictures of Florence’s Duomo, which is Florence’s main Cathedral.  I’ll be doing a series of posts on Florence! I can’t wait to show some of my two thousand photos with you guys! (yes, I did say two thousand :-))

This is the outside of the Duomo.  The Duomo has four main buildings; the cathedral, the baptistry (octagonal building in the front), bell tower, and a museum called the Opera del Duomo.  The first three are in this picture.


The all three have a marble facade. The next one is of the cathedral.


Here’s an interesting one of all three (it does cut off the top of the bell tower).



My favorite of the Duomo sites was the bell tower.  It has the best view of the city and the dome, and it is less crowded.  There are all lots of places to stop on the way up because there are quite a few steps to climb.

Here are a few pictures from the bell tower.



The cool one above is from one of the small windows in the stairs.

The picture below is the metal case that you walk through at the top of the bell tower.


I did take some awesome landscapes but I’ll be posting them in a separate post.

The inside of the Cathedral is unimpressive except for the huge fresco on the inside of the dome. The picture was taken from a balcony as I walked up the dome.  I really like the figures at the top that look like they are coming out of their niches.


The climb up the dome was really cool! There were a ton of long spiral staircases that made me feel like I was in a medieval castle!

DSC_6396.jpgI didn’t think it was scary because I’ve been up to the top of St. Paul’s in London, which was much scarier (the top was really narrow and the rail was low!)

This picture is from the top of the Dome looking down! One of the best parts of the dome was waving down to part of my family that didn’t go up!


The drop was really steep.

There are really neat arches at the top.


I really like the red terracotta tiled rooves.


The baptistry was neat but I don’t really like many of my pictures.  The mosaics on the ceiling are in the byzantine style and very two dimensional.

Here are a few pictures from my way down.


This is a pipe from the walls.  I’m experimenting with black and white… not sure how it turned out.


The museum was worth it especially because they have both of Ghiberti’s doors, which are from the early 1400’s and went on the baptistry.  Many people say the doors ‘opened’ the era of the Renaissance.

These were his first ones.


And these are his gates of paradise. (sorry for the weird bending illusion! They are flat doors in truth.)


Here is a picture of the Duomo from far away.  I took the picture from the top of Palazzo Vecchio.

DSC_6187 2.jpg

And that concludes my Duomo post! What did you think? Have you been to the Duomo? Which picture was your favorite?

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The U.S. Capitol

Hi guys!

Guess what?! I got a tour of the U.S. Capitol!!!! It was amazing, and I even got to go see the house floor!!  Congressman Harper, from Mississippi, gave the tour to our group so we were able to go to some places most tours do not!

I took tons of pictures! These are of the outside, early in the morning.






First, we went to the original place where Congress meets.


Statues line the outer walls.  The one below is of the ceiling.


Then we went to the place where Congress meets now!  It was amazing, but I wasn’t allowed to take any photos =(.  Our group sat in the front row of the seats because it was empty.

And now for to dome! At the base, the walls are lined with famous paintings like Cornwallace’s surrender and the signing of the declaration!




Our tour was just before the area was open to the public so it isn’t as crowded as it normally is.

As you look up, there is intricate molding before the beginning of the dome.




And finally the dome! It’s really magnificent!  I was standing in the center of the room, which is actually the center of Washington D.C., and the dome was so large I couldn’t fill it all on the photo!


(^this is probably one of my favorite pictures!)

Then we were able to onto the Speaker’s balcony!  The view was amazing!




This one I took when we were riding down an escalator.


The tour was finished so we went outside to catch a ride home.  I wanted to go up closer like I had in the morning but they blocked off the area.  When we went home we learned it was because Trump and Paul Ryan were greeting the Prime Minister of Ireland on the front steps! It’s that funny timing! Here are the pictures I took from behind the blocked off area.




What do you think? Have you been to the Capitol? Which picture is your favorite?

Thanks for reading!